Wide Variety of Options for Studying Abroad in Spain

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Study Abroad In Spain


If you are thinking about studying abroad, Spain should definitely be one of the countries that you look into because of the various programs available, rich culture and beautiful weather. When you do look into education programs in Spain, no matter what subject you want to study at any level from high school, college or graduate school levels. In addition to choosing your level and location, you can also choose the length of time you wish to spend studying in Spain because there are programs available for as long as a year, or as short as a month. As if that were not enough choices already, then you have over 20 different Spanish cities to choose from that offer educational programs.

Choosing the type of program you are interested in is easy since just about every type of education curriculum is available. As mentioned, there are schools for high school, college, and graduate schools, and they are available for shorter terms or full degrees; however, there are also alternative education programs available such as: language programs, summer sessions, volunteer programs, and intersession periods. Even internships are available if you are just finishing your studies and want to branch out to learn the first steps of your career in a different country other than your native one.

The most difficult decision you face when studying abroad in Spain might be which city you want to study in. Since such a wide variety of education opportunities are available in so many cities, you can evaluate which city appeals to you. Here are some highlights of a few of the top cities in Spain to live in to help your make a decision of which one to choose when studying abroad:


  • Madrid – Madrid is the capital of Spain and the people who live in the city, Madrileños, carry on the Flamenco lifestyle 24/7. Food is a very important part of the culture, and the “rituals” of meal time can last anywhere from 2 – 5 hours. Madrid is known for museums, art, literature and history, so students will have the opportunity to learn a great deal about Spain’s rich and ancient culture. Madrid is a city very open to culture and international feel, so foreign students will be very welcome. The city is very accessible via air or train so travel is convenient.


  • Barcelona – “BCN” as the city is known to locals, is the center of style and fashion. There is also a very prevalent nightlife. Students studying in Barcelona can also learn about architecture and art with innovative structures built by Gaudi and a museum dedicated to Picasso. One important thing to note about Barcelona, is that the language spoken there is not the traditional Castillano Spanish dialect, but Catalan is the predominate language spoken there.


  • Sevilla – Often considered the capital of Andalucia, Sevilla is known for hot temps and a hot nightlife, with over 4,000 bars to choose from. The variety of nightlife is almost matched by the variety of schools and programs in Sevilla, also called Seville. Cost of living in Sevilla is lower than the more populated cities of Madrid and Barcelona. Transportation is readily available with a large bus system, tram, and subway so getting around is very easy.


  • Granada – Close to Northern Africa with a blend of Moroccoan culture flavoring the food and the culture. When you first arrive in Granada, you might find a hard time understanding the dialect, which is a slightly different than the Spanish spoke in the rest of the country, but is reportedly easy to get used to with a little practice. Granada is known as the Tapas capital of the world and there is actually a law that when you buy a drink, you get a free plate of Tapas (or a small appetizer taste of foods).

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