Traveling with Children in Spain: Places to Visit

by admin on May 14, 2013

Traveling with Children in Spain Places to Visit

Spain is an amazing country with rich heritage. The top cities in Spain from a tourism perspective are Barcelona and Madrid. There are also many other regions such as Andalusia which may of special interest. In Spain, there are lots of places to visit while traveling with children. It is necessary to keep all the documents such as passport while travelling across Spain.

Alhambra is one of the top places to visit in Spain. It is a palace as well as a fortress located in Grenada in the Andalusian region. Alhambra has the Moorish Architecture and is a great place to visit with Children. Children will like the garden and the large floor space where they can have a lot of fun.El Escorial is another prominent palace. It is located near Madrid and used to serve as a residence to the royal family. Today it is a monument with a school and museum and is one of the top attractions in Madrid.

Mezquita in Cordoba is a cathedral which was a mosque previously. It is located in Cordoba in the Andalusian. It is popularly known as Mosque Cathedral. It is one of the prominent buildings of the medieval ages, though the building construction began way back in 600 AD. This is again a great place to educate children on the history of Spain and conquests. The huge pillars and exquisite art works can be fascinating for children as well as adults. Sagrada Familia is a Basilica located in Barcelona. This is a relatively new building in Spain. The legendary Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi was involved in the construction of this Church.

Spain is infamous for Bull fights and Bull runs. Many children have a fascination with Bull fights. It might be good to take them to the festival that involves bull runs. The most famous place for this is Pampalona. There is a famous festival which happens during July every year. However, it is advised to exercise due caution with your children due to the potential violence in these bull runs. You can also consider any bull fights that may be happening in any of the cities.

Ibiza is an exquisite island which is located near Valencia. It might be a great place to visit with children. Though it is exclusively known for parties, it might be alright for children to visit certain places. Major sections of the island are designated as heritage sites by UNESCO. Cuenca is city located near Valencia. It is built on the edges of a mountain. There are numerous churches and seminaries located in Cuenca. There is also a castle which is an ancient Arab fort. Cuenca is worth a visit as it is in close proximity with Madrid and Valencia. La Concha is famous for its beaches and falls in the Basque region. Since children love beaches, it might be a good idea to visit La Concha. The Basque community is also known for unique cultural practices. Visiting La Concha might provide a glimpse into the Basque way of life.

Visit to Spain is incomplete without having a glimpse of the royal palace in Madrid. It is the official residence of the monarch. It is recommended to keep copies of your passport and other documents while travelling in Spain.

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