Top 7 things to do in Madrid

by admin on December 3, 2012

things to do in MadridMadrid is a well known European city has a distinct Spanish style in its most of the things to do. The city is full of life, prominent for bull fights and all night feasts. You always find the city filled with sightseers who are marveling over the famous historical landmarks and party goers. The capital city of Spain has some of eye dazzling art work and fully energized soccer fans. There are many meaningful things to do in Madrid. Some of them are given below

Value art at Museo Nacional Del Prado: The elegant museum of Spain holds some of the valuable work of the world. You can view masterpieces in the world class museum which includes the work of Las Meninas by Velazquez, Third Eye of May: by Goya, awesome collection of Titian painting, and works of European artists such as Ruben. Always plan to reach there early to avoid the long queue, wearing simple and comfortable shoes. The art lovers get enthralled seeing the exquisite work and keep coming back over and over again.

Garden’s rosy

Never go out of Madrid without relaxing in the Parque del Oeste in Arguelles, it is one of the most attractive place in the city. A healthy rose contest is held and the whole garden is filled with perfume. The park offers a view of Palacio Real and Templo de Debod.

Experience the amazing sunset

The sundown of Madrid is simply amazing and magnetic -the beautiful purple haze appearing on the horizon. You can admire the beauty of sun set from the terrazas of Paseo Del Pinto Rosales.


Madrid proves to be a propitious city break. Most of the churches are garland in legend and hold statue feet to kiss and pray to celestial if you need help in your love life. One of the weirdest omens is the phial of blood which is owned by the doctor saint Pantaleon. On the occasion of saint’s feast, the content of phial amazingly liquefies, bringing best changes in the lives of those who see it.


Real Madrid at Santiago: Soccer is the true passion of Madrid with millions of people coming to watch Real Madrid and the soccer player Christiano Ronaldo. Take a visit to changing room, trophy room, pitch, balcony, tunnels and playing field.

Best place to silence your shoes addiction

Being a major footwear producer, Valencia and Alicante are filled with shoes factories. Visit Augusto Figueroa and find numerous footwear outlets from elite brands.

Parque Del Retiro

The Retiro Park is filled gardens, beautiful lakes, playgrounds, cafes, restaurants and many more. It is a 350 acres park with palaces where the royal rest in the greenery area. You can enjoy boating in the middle of the lake.

Bull fighting

Bull fighting in SpainA great controversial tradition in Spain, at Madrid is bull fighting. Take a look at the bull fighting rings and the interesting statues present there. There is a beautiful bull fighting museum present at the back. The Las Ventas Monumental has a seating capacity of 25,000 and is considered as the home of bullfighting.


Be prepared to enjoy the night life of Madrid. There are star dancers which light up the night with their passion, grace and power on the colorful from of Flamenco. The city has a night life full of lights, color and life. It sparks your night with its dazzling colors.

Thus, while visiting Madrid don’t forget to enjoy the tasty tapas at Casa Labra. You get the best cod with garlic and fried chilly pepper with an exquisite wine. Experience every bit of Madrid.

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