Top 6 things to do and see while in Spain

by admin on January 12, 2013

Spain has ever since been in the list of most of the world travelers. The reason is the country’s rich culture, sights and music. Inhabited by more than 45 million people, mostly Roman Catholics, most of the events in Spain are based on faith and Catholicism. For travelers, Spain provides plenty of activities and destinations that can satisfy any wanderlust. Provided below is a small little guide of Spain; about some events you could go to or some things you could do.

  1. The Run with the Bulls Festival

Sometimes it is healthy to go out and experience something totally outlandish and raw. Pamplona is one destination which offers exactly the same. Every year in July, the Bull Run Festival attracts visitors from all around the world to Pamplona. Some come to see the event from safe places while the brave and adventurous ones dare to run with bulls in an adventure of a lifetime. The celebration is held in celebration of San Fermin, the patron saint of Pamplona.

Pamplona Bull Run

  1. Skiing & Mountaneering

Places like Catalunya, Aragon, Torremonlinos, Malaga and Andalucia provide some beautiful scenery and natural environments for hikers and skiers both. It is quite an experience to stay in some of the top winter resorts which can be found in these places. The best time for such a vacation would be visit during late spring when you can enjoy winter sports during the day, sunbathe in the afternoon and whisk the night away in breathtaking beaches.

  1. Football Magic

Football is a religion in Spain and it is almost compulsory to the watch the Primera Liga Live. See and if lucky get to meet some of the biggest stars of football as they come to play for the best football team in the UEFA Cup. Madrid is a popular destination for the sport.

  1. Café Relax

While in Spain, it is a beautiful and calming experience to spend a day relaxing in one of the many cafes found around the country. They are present everywhere; in villages, towns and cities. While doing this, you also get an opportunity to meet new people, such as locals or other travelers.

  1. Village Fiestas

Your journey to Spain will not be complete unless you have been to a local village fiesta. The best part is, you can never miss out on one, as each town around Spain has their own patron saints to offer thanksgiving to. These events come inclusive of large parades, religious activities and parties during the night.

Festival in Spain

  1. An Art Experience

While traveling in Spain, you would get introduced to many of the world’s renowned artists. Places to visit are the Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum in Bilba, Barcelona beach’s giant copper fish and other of Gehny’s contemporary structures. Another name to watch out for is Antono Gaudi. In his structures in Barcelona, you will discover an unusual tile style and charming organic curves. Also to be must seen are Diego Velazquez’s art in Prado Gallery in Madrid. His famous works are the paintings “Old Woman Cooking Eggs” and “The Rokeby Venus”. Any discussion of Spain’s art would be incomplete without mentioning Pablo Picasso. See his work Guernica at the Reina Sofia and don’t forget to visit the Picasso Foundation in Malaga.


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