The Talati de Dalt

by admin on December 13, 2012

Located in Menorca, Spain

Located in Menorca, Spain

Menorca is a very popular tourist destination, with many interesting attractions, including historic sites. The Talati de Dalt is one of those amazing attractions that see’s hundreds of visitors every day.

If you’re in Menorca the Talati de Dalt is definitely worth a visit as this amazing historical site boasts unique and unusual ruins. The experience is once in a lifetime and something you don’t want to miss out on.

Below is a short guide to the Talati de Dalt, which gives some great tips and a general overview for anyone, thinking about visiting the site. 


The Talati de Dalt is an archaeological excavation site located in Menorca. The settlement is thought to have been built between the 16th and 14th century BC; although it was most popular with trade and inhabitants between the 2nd and 4th centuries.

Between the 2nd and 4th centuries there were approximately 100 people living there, and there is evidence that the main section of the settlement was inhabited right up to the Middle Ages.


The Talati de Dalt is located approximately 2 miles west of Mahon, and half a mile east of Algendar village. It is situated just off the roundabout that also leads to the airport.

It is very easily accessible by car if you’re exploring with family and friends, but there are also daily bus trips from surrounding villages and towns if you would prefer a guided tour.

What Is There

The most distinctive and interesting part of these ruins is the fact that the main taula (large stone, which were used to construct structures in ancient times) is in balance with a column that has obviously accidently fallen on top of it.

It is thought that the taula almost certainly acted as part of a shrine or alter stone for burial chambers that lay beneath it.

Other than that, there are 2 natural caves, which were most likely used as a burial ground when the settlement was inhabited. There is also a cistern and fountain, created in the 19th century and fed by rainwater. A well was also discovered in 2002.

As well as these, there are many ruins of house and building structures, which you can go inside. Within some of these buildings courtyards can be found and excavations have dated some of the buildings back to the 13th century.


Private and Public Settlements

Today, there are 2 different areas of the Talati de Dalt. One area is open to the public and within that area are the incredible remains that attract so many tourists on a regular basis.

However, there is also another area, which is private as some people still live there, so tourists are forbidden from entering that secluded space. With so many amazing ruins in the public area visitors don’t even notice the small area they aren’t welcomed into. Many believe the Talati de Dalt to be the best archaeological site in Menorca. 


In conclusion, the Talati de Dalt is a very interesting site, which is definitely worth a visit if you’re in Menorca.

The amazing ruins and rich history are incredible and truly breathtaking.

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