How to Stay Alert and Safe While Traveling to Spain for the First Time

by admin on September 10, 2013

Spain is one of the most heavily-visited countries in Europe and this is by no coincidence given the wide range of architecture and the natural scenic views on offer. However, don’t be fooled by all this glamour as one move in barcelonathe wrong direction can put a damper on your vacation or at worst end up with you or a member of your travel entourage hospitalized. Below is a peek as to some of the helpful safety travel tips when you travel to Spain to help increase your personal safety.


1. Watch Your Belongings
This especially applies to Spain large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. Like most European cities, Spain large cities are rife with pickpockets and if one is not extra careful, parting with one’s belonging to rogues is sure easy. This means that one has to be careful where one places his/her purse or wallet.

  • For women, you might consider getting a handbag with shorter straps such that the bag hangs right on your rib cage where it is difficult to snatch.
  • For men, make sure that your wallet is not in your back pocket, especially if you are wearing loose-fitting trousers.
  • If you do get robbed (in some inevitable cases), you can contact transport for London helpline and this is because you will have to queue for hours at a police station just to get madrida statement which will help with insurance but not catching the villain who robbed you.

2. Traffic Jams and Cab Drivers
Major Spanish Cities experience heavy traffic jams especially on Fridays when almost everyone is leaving the cities for home. At such times it is not wise to travel by car and more so taxis as it will only slow you down.
Additionally, rogue taxi drivers, though obligated to leave the car meter on will at times try to chat you into paying more. To avoid such sagas, where you part with more than you bargained for, it is advisable to always ask for a receipt.

3. Dubious Hawkers
In some of Spain’s main places and attractions such as Puerta del Sol area and Retiro Park, one will find some characters lazing around and beckoning you to come and test their wares which include “chocolad” or alcohol. If you are used to friendliness from strangers, one might be lead to think that they want you to have a good time with them and while this might not be further from the truth, such types want to get you drunk or drugged and then rob you. So beware!

4. Stick to Travel Regulations
Certified cabs are distinguishable by the color of their plates in Spain’s major cities. However, from time to time, you will get seemingly cheap offers from informal cabs or private drivers. Never accept such offers, as this might land you into a lot of trouble with cab drivers who have the intention of robbing you.
On top of these safety tips, it is important to make copies of important information such as your passports, driver’s licensed and flight itinerary and store such documents in a suitcase or at the front desk of your hostel. Alternatively, you can scan such documents and email them to yourself. This is because, Spain is rife with pickpockets and thieves mainly in its major cities, and storing such information in your wallet is not such a good idea.


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