Salamanca in Spain, Must See Sites and Exploration

by admin on December 3, 2013

New Cathedral Salamanca Spain

With the many places you could visit in this country or the many others, one beautiful place that should be on your list is Salmanca, Spain. Between the many villages, structures, relics, churches, events and more, there is plenty to see, do and learn.

Getting to Salamanca may be a little more difficult than simply flying into Barcelona since the city has no international airport. All is no lost for those who prefer to fly since there are daily flights from Barcelona with Air Nostrum. Other than that there are other flights from Ryan Air that fly into Valladolid from either Brussels, Milan and London’s Stansted airport. From there, visitors can reach Salamanca after about an hour and a half on a bus.

For those who want to find their way into Salamanca by train or by bus, that way of travel is available too. It all depends on the way you are looking to travel. Some are more comfortable with wheels under them and may enjoy watching the scenery as it goes by.

Once you make it to Salamanca, things are much better in terms of travel options. It is a small city so there is no reason to be worried about having to travel via some sort of motor vehicle everywhere. In fact, you could potentially see the city on foot, especially with the main attractions being close together.

With plenty of places to see, there are at least six locations to visit…

  • Plaza Mayor – this large central square, bustling with cafés and restaurants
  • The 12th century Old Cathedral and the New Cathedral, they were built in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries right next to each other.
  • The University – spread throughout the center of Salamanca
  • The late 15th century House of Shells (La Casa de las Conchas) – a building constructed in the time of the Catholic Kings, studded with 350 sandstone shells.
  • The Roman bridge over the Tormes – dating from the year 89 AD, this bridge was an important part of the Roman silver route, which ran from Mérida to Astorga.
  • Convento de San Esteban – it is a Dominican monastery with a well-set presentation of missionaries in the New World.

There are other places to visit like some of the surrounding villages. One of them called Béjar and holds its own attractions like the Castañar bullfighter arena, which is the oldest bullfighting arena in Spain.

Learning is also something that is very possible in Salamanca because of the wide reach of the university. Because of the many language schools in the city, people may visit and stay and be able to immerse themselves and learn Spanish in Spain.

Multiple schools and universities include:

  • Universidad de Salamanca: Cursos Internacionales
  • Babylon Idiomas
  • Don Quijote
  • Linguaschools Salamanca

Between the many schools, plazas, churches, Salamanca offers so much to see. Visitors will have no problems finding exactly what they are looking for as they enjoy the sites of what this little part of Spain has to offer.

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