Three Reasons Spanish People Are Beautiful

by admin on August 28, 2013

Three Reasons Spanish People Are Beautiful

If you’ve ever traveled through Spain, I bet you’ve found yourself wondering, “How are Spanish people so beautiful?!”

It’s true—you won’t run into very many unattractive folks when walking any of Spain’s town or city streets, And it’s not just attractiveness in the conventional sense. True, there are many incredibly attractive men and women in Spain. But people of all ages and genders seems to physically glow in the Spanish culture, exuding an air of grace and health that isn’t found elsewhere in the world.

Like, for instance, America. Now, no doubt there are beautiful people stateside. But America is one of the least healthy—not to mention the fattest—countries in the world.
We could do ourselves good by taking pages out of the Spanish’s book. But what can we do to emanate the beauty of Spanish people?
That requires a deep dive into Spanish culture, starting with food.

It’s Not All Rice And Beans
An unkind stereotype that Americans have tagged onto the Spanish is that their diet consists mostly of heavy, greasy meals prepared with lots of carb-loaded rice and fiber-rich beans. This generalization isn’t just unkind, it’s ignorant.

It’s the Mexican culture, not Spanish, where rice and beans are the staple of most meals. And Mexican dishes, when prepared correctly, are rich in wonderful oils and vitamins.
Spanish fare, on the other hand, is actually traditionally lighter than most Americans think. About 50 percent of Spain’s border is coastal, providing a rich seafood and crustacean baseline for Spanish cuisine.

Mediterranean oils, like olive oil, and feta or goat cheese also abound, all providing the body with complexion-enhancing minerals while helping flush nasty toxins out of the system.
Meals in Spain are also typically much small than America, and the largest meal of the day, what we Americans consider lunch, takes place in the mid-afternoon. Other than one large, multi-course meal, the Spanish don’t indulge in gut-weighing meals like Americans do.

And what does this do for them? Well, smaller, more frequent portions speed up the metabolism. Meanwhile, limiting large meals to once a day, and having them in the middle of the day, gives the body time to digest before bed.

In Spain, a meal is a ceremony, and food is something to be enjoyed, too—you won’t catch too many people scarfing down a cheeseburger from behind the wheel at lunch time. The Spanish take time to sit, relax, and enjoy their food—giving their body time to do the same.

Red, White And Wine
Spanish wine country puts Napa, California to shame. The vineyards in Spain are centuries old, and the berries grown there are some of the richest, most delectable in the world.
Wine isn’t just delicious, though; it’s great for you.

I bet your grandmother once told you that a glass of red wine a night is good for you. Well, she’s right—good quality wine, in moderation, is proven to increase heart health, amp up organ function, and contribute to an overall improvement in quality, and length, of life.
The Spanish enjoy a glass of wine at lunch or with a small night time meal, but don’t general overindulge. The cultural, in fact, looks down upon alcohol intake to the degree that Americans think is acceptable.

If you enjoy drinking, examine how often you do it. More than a glass of wine or a single beer an evening is too much. It’ll add to your waistline, and cut years off your life. This single adjustment to your lifestyle with improve not just how you look but how you feel, and how long you live.
Because of their responsible drinking habits, the Spanish are some of the healthiest people on the planet. And because they’re not chugging down hundreds of extra calories by drinking too much alcohol each day, they’re some of the thinnest, too.

The Slim Spanish
Many healthy lifestyle programs are full of testimonials that people found true happiness to be through health, and not actual physical changes in their bodies. However, those same people say that the happiness came mostly because once they accepted their bodies, they were able to make the changes they wished to see.
There are many reasons why Spanish people are so slender; a major one is that the climate of the country provides for more sunshine and warmth, making happiness a much more achievable year-round goal.

Believe it or not, your happiness and health aren’t just connected—they’re one in the same.
In addition to a great geographical location, because Spanish people don’t drink very much, they’re also less prone to depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.
On top of that, Spain, like most European countries, is much less dependent on single-passenger transportation. To get to work, school, the grocery store, or a restaurant, most Spaniards walk, or at least walk to public transportation and then take that, to get from point A to point B.

Additionally, for longer trips to locations where a bus may not go, the weather typically allows for biking instead of taking a car, keeping most people in Spain svelte and in shape simply from carrying out their day-to-day routine. To emulate this facet of Spanish culture, forgo the car when you’re only going a mile or two to the grocery store and instead take your bike. If you’re only grabbing a few things, a backpack or basket will easily carry your groceries.

Instead of driving to work, walk a few blocks to the closest bus stop and travel in the eco-friendly way. And if you feel like you’re stumbling into the throes of depression, get some sunshine.
The sun’s rays—which are more than plentiful across Spain’s warm terrain—improve your mood. Even if you’re in an area where the sun doesn’t tend to show its face, a few minutes in a tanning bed (with plenty of an all-natural UVA and UVB protectant slathered head-to-toe) will boost your mood.

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