Major Cities in Spain that Never Sleep

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Night owl refers to a person who is habitually active at night.


Madrid At Night

Love the nightlife? Do you love to party? Does your feet itch if you can’t go out at night to enjoy? If your answers are ‘yes’, undeniably, you are a night owl. Nightlife is very common to big cities. Oftentimes, it will take you early night to dawn to fully experience the best of nightlife activities.

If you are going on a trip to Spain, don’t worry. Spain is packed with cities that never sleep. Boredom will never cross your mind. From discos to live bands, there are many choices to choose from. So get ready with your outfit and check out these cities.


Known as the capital city of Spain, this metropolitan comes alive when the sun sets. Madrid is the largest city in the country, which obviously suggests that there are lots of clubs, bars and restos found in this area. During weekends, you can taste first-class nightlife atmosphere in different leisure districts and areas where you can party all night long ‘til you drop.

Dance to the beat of a variety of music or whatever you like. If you are into rock and alternative music, check out Malasaňa district where you can enjoy underground type of beats. For those who are fanatic of the latest disco and club music, Gran Via and Sol are perfect places to head to. Clubs in these areas have in-house djs which can make the night livelier until the break of dawn. Sol and Gran Via are likewise tourist magnets in Madrid.


When it comes to electronic music, Barcelona is the place to be. Most of Barcelona’s leisure districts offer the latest techno beats which let the party goers groove for as long as they want. Just like in Madrid, night owls can find huge number of nightclubs, pubs and bars in the area ranging from the traditional Spanish-inspired type to the most advanced venues.

What makes Barcelona night life more interesting? Some clubs have themed-day to make the night more special. For instance, if you wanna enjoy Monday nightlife, head to Opium Mar with their “We love Mondays” theme. Or, you can check out what’s amusing in “Crappy Tuesday” at Apollo. Look for what suits your taste or your cup of tea. The city gets livelier during summer as you find live djs at rooftops and beach bars all over the city.


Feel the music and groove to the beat of playful music in Valencia’s entertainment districts. Many nightclubs are situated along the beach and on the outskirts of Valencia. One of the most popular nightlife areas in the city is the Barrio del Carmen. It is considered as the home of most diverse nightlife across the metropolitan. Night owls can choose from retro lounges, punk bars, jazz basements, reggae dens, underground trance mix and a lot more. In fact, there are venues offering bohemian music which is perfect for those who are looking for distinct kind of beat. In general, it offers varied cultures in the heart of the city.

Other hotspot districts include Avenida de Aragon, Honduras, and Casanovas which have traditional kind of nightlife experience. The City of Art and Sciences offers lively and avant-garde clubs.

Enjoying the night away does not mean living in an extravagant life. Have fun and enjoy the night without squandering every penny in your pocket. Find an accommodation nearby these nightlife clubs and bars so you won’t have to ride to get there. Spain can give you the best nightlife experience that can keep you coming back.

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