Ibiza – The Party Capital of the World

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Clubbing in Ibiza
A straight contrast to general foreign travel with tours of museums and sightseeing is the growing niche of party tourism, which in simple words means visiting a particular destination with the single purpose of having endless fun, getting hung over, dancing all night and engaging with the local clubbing scene of the destination.

Fortunately, the world capital of parties is located in Spain. The island of Ibiza at the southwest of the Mediterranean is where youths, elders and DJs alike from all over the world conglomerate together in search of entertainment. An added benefit of their vacation is Ibiza’s pretty landscape -clean white sandy beaches, tender blue seafronts, green meadows, foothills and the tiny-sometimes-bizarre architecture found in the island.

Life on the island revolves around the countless clubs. The music is loud and lively, literally everywhere in the island, and at times, parties are held right on the streets. Though the tourist season lasts from May to October, even in other months, the island remains home to numerous foreigners who come to experience the easier and less hectic side of the island, in search of a quiet beach life. These travelers generally stays till mid May, until the opening of the party season, which officially takes place in the club Es Parades.

The peak of Ibiza’s booming party season is August. It is the time of the year when chaos beholds the islanders; a shortage of taxis, hotel rooms and fresh air, followed by brutal overpricing and cues in clubs which stretch for miles.. But for the smarter partygoers who like some peace and freedom, June, early July and early September are good months to visit the island.

Most clubs open at midnight and end well late into the morning. As a caution, the clubs allow entry and alcoholic drinks only to persons who have reached the age of 18, a rule which is followed strictly by the authorities. The tickets usually cost somewhere between 30 to 60 Euros, cocktails start from 10 Euros, whereas beer and water can be bought at 6 Euros. Usually, a good way to save some money is by reserving beforehand, or by getting hold of flyers offering discounts and free drinks. As an obvious rule, none of the clubs allow you to bring your own drink inside the club, and it is also to be noted that drinking on the streets is punishable by law. As for the dress code, Ibiza is where your imagination can run wild, a world where fantasy is brought to life.

Musical beachside bars are however a good alternative to the clubs. Along with free entry, cheaper booze and good music, the huge seafront facing dancing floors provide a breath of fresh air from continuous indoor partying. One of the most noticeable of such beaches is the Playa den Bossa. A five minutes drive away from the city, the beach is surrounded by bars and cafes. Recommended to visit in the beach is the tropical bar of Bora Bora, popular among habitual partygoers.

Crazy, fun and maddening, Ibiza is one place in the world where lines reality fades away to endless dancing sessions, good vibes and youthful energy. Certainly an experience worth having.

Vaibhav is a world traveler and is currently involved in promoting sustainable tourism in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

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