Experiencing Spain on a budget

by admin on December 13, 2012

With travel links being much more established than they have been in the past it has become much easier to visit other countries in Europe. Travel is of course cheaper that it once was with many airlines, and travel companies as well as accommodation and even car hire businesses offering money off codes when you book or discounts depending on where you are staying. What this means is that it is so much more affordable to get out to Spain and truly experience the country.


When many people think of Spain it is the club scene that comes to mind however Spain has a whole other side that could be missed if holiday-makers weren’t looking for it and this would be a terrible shame.


Spain is packed with museums, art galleries and even a palace or two and the country itself has such a fabulously rich history that visiting any of these would make for an entertaining and interesting day. The architecture alone, especially on the older is enough to fill a camera.


The City of Arts and Science Museum

City of Arts and Science







Valencia is the home of this truly fantastic museum which wows visitors from their moment of arrival. It is indeed fast becoming one of the best known and most visited attractions in Spain. The museum may only be described as a city within a city that has been designed to celebrate the 21st century. Without giving too much away, there are hundreds of things to see and do here that will make your trip to Spain very worthwhile.


The Alhambra Palace


The Alhambra Palace










Steeped in history the Alhambra palace, built between the 13th and 14th centuries is unbelievably not only still standing strong; it is also still stunningly beautiful. What it would have looked like newly built is easy to imagine. This is one famous palace that is much photographed with good reason and should most definitely be on the “must visit” list.


The Hanging Houses


The hanging house








Not as gory as they sound, the Hanging Houses in Cuenca, Spain are built into a cliff and are an awesome sight. The exact origin and reasoning behind the building of these houses is not known although it is suspected that they are medieval and were possibly of Muslim origin.

The Hanging Houses are now the home of the Museum of Abstract Arts and a well-known restaurant. It is clear to see when you get there why the Hanging Houses are one of the most frequently photographed sights in Spain!


Guell Park


Park Guell









Guell Park (or Park Guell) may be found in the Gracia district of Barcelona. The park itself was designed by the world famous and highly regarded architect Antoni Gaudi. Essentially Guell Park is a garden city or complex which was built between 1900 and 1914. A beautiful sight to see, the area itself is known as one of the largest architectural works in Southern Europe. Anyone with an interest in architecture or photography will find park Guell fascinating.


Spain is packed with a whole host of fabulous places to visit just like these that would be sadly missed if holidaying in a resort and not taking the time to leave the poolside. As well as these places of interest there are of course numerous festivals and special events that run throughout the year during which local residents and visitors alike mingle and let down their hair. If you want to truly experience Spain then forgo the all-inclusive holiday next time and get out and explore this rich and vibrant country.


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