Discover Toledo, the jewel in the Medieval Castilla’s crown

by admin on November 19, 2013

Toledo Spain

Do you want to travel to Spain but you haven’t chosen a destination? Stop thinking Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or Sevilla, the popular destinations. Spain has much more to offer to you in terms of History, tradition and art. Only 70 kilometres away from Madrid you can find one of the most important cities before the apparition of Spain as a country: Toledo.

Famous for being the capital of Castilla Kingdom for centuries, Toledo was witness to Queen Isabel’s approval to Colombus expedition to the Americas. In Toledo there was an institution built which originates from the darkest episode of XV Century in Spanish History, the Inquisition. And Toledo was also homeland for Christians, Muslims and Jewish at the same time. If you are still having doubts of the cultural relevance that this city gained during centuries and the convenience to visit it, just add one fact more. One of the most famous artist of all the times, El Greco, not only was in love with the city and painted several murals in it, but also he is buried in Toledo. Interesting?

What can we visit in Toledo?

The city is a museum by itself. Toledo is still surrounded by its medieval walls dressing up every corner in a medieval style. Entering by the Bisagra Gate to the Alcántara Bridge or San Martín Bridge all the main historical spaces are kept in their original condition as if the years hadn’t passed by. The city also offers an extremely beautiful panoramic view of Tajo, the longest river in Spain. This mix between nature and culture makes the city an extremely lovable place.

Some outstanding monuments are the Cathedral and the Alcázar, important spots in the city located near the river. Referring to the museums, it is a must-see the Santa Cruz Museum, Sefardi Museum, Visigod Council Museum and El Greco House-Museum, where most of the artists’ paintings are shown to the visitors.

For ending your cultural visit to Toledo, it is necessary to pass through different religious buildings. Mosques, chapels, churchs and synagoges are still showing their richness and the coexistence between religions that occured five centuries ago.

Let’s have a lunch!

After spending all the day walking around this beautiful city, the best option to recover energy is enjoying the gastronomic variety of its restaurants. Don’t get lost in translation when reading a ‘castellano’ menu. Meat lovers will find the inspiration in dishes like cochinillo asado (roasted piggy), cochifrito (piggy with egg, tomato and white wine), caldereta manchega (lamb roasted with vegetables), perdiz estofada (soup of partridge with beans) and more hunting meats as hare, venison or wild boar. However, if you are a veggie, Toledo’s kitchen has for you specialities such as pisto manchego, pipirrana or Almagro’s aubergines.

Don’t miss all this delicious suggestions mix with the most impressive art! Plan your next holidays for this lovely Spanish city, a new experience for the senses.

Sarah Williams discovered this city in one of her trips to Spain, after that she felt in love with. While she is not travelling she works as a writer and SEO specialist in a SEO Consultancy  located in London. However you can always find her Twitter @SwilliamsLondon

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