Choosing the Best Spain Vacation Destinations for the Holidays

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With a country as beautiful and vast as Spain, you can’t go wrong with where you end up. However, it is important to decide on what you want out of this vacation. Whether you desire beaches and tapas, or historic cathedrals in old towns, this guide will help you to find the best in Spain.

BarcelonetaOne of Spain’s top destinations, Barcelona has something to offer every traveler. At the edge of the city is Barceloneta, a wonderful beach that is perfect for swimming. You can relax on the sand and enjoy the warmth of the summer sun, and then go swimming in the wonderfully moderate water. Along the pier is an assortment of restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs.

A top attraction in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia. Created by the famed architect Gaudi, this masterful cathedral towers over the city with its gothic charm. While it is still under construction, you can enter the cathedral to experience the transcendental interior. Full of bright colors, beautiful mosaic, and carvings on every wall, the Sagrada Familia is not to be missed.

Other attractions include Gaudi’s Parc Guell. This mosaic park is a beautiful combination of architecture and natural beauty. All of the famous Gaudi houses are worth a visit, as is the indescribable La Rambla. This long street has numerous vendors, and runs along through the most important parts of the city. Off of La Rambla is the Gothic Corner and Old Barcelona. Make sure to try the famed tapas, which can be found in any local bar.

Madrid is another famous city worth visiting. While it lacks beaches, Madrid has a wide array of cultural sites and beautiful cathedrals. The food is also world class, and can be found a very reasonable price.

Valencia is home to some of Spain’s best art exhibits. Walking down the streets in Valencia is always a pleasure, as you will be greeted with amazing portraits from local artists. In the summer is La Tomatina. This festival is complete with a large outdoor food fight, where participants throw tomatoes at each other for hours on end.

Head on to Pamplona to experiencing the famed fiesta San Fermin. Made internationally famous by Ernest Hemingway, this festival comes complete with eight days of bull runs, bull fights, and sangria consumption. You don’t have to run with the bulls to enjoy this beautiful fiesta, but make sure to get the complete San Fermin outfit: a white shirt, white pants, and red scarf and satchel. You should also check out the wonderful bullfights in the famous Pamplona Bullring. You can get tickets early at the box office or from scalpers outside.

Spain is home to a wonderful and vast culture. You can find beaches, cathedrals, world class food, and incredible fiestas. No matter where you choose to go, you cannot go wrong with a vacation in Spain!

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