Checklist for Shipping a Vehicle to Spain from the USA

by admin on April 19, 2016

The process of having a vehicle imported into another country requires attention to detail, time and compliance with import policies. It also requires knowledge of international shipping and the equipment to even

Parking can get tricky in Europe; photo by Adam Simpson (Creative Commons)

Parking can get tricky in Europe; photo by Adam Simpson (Creative Commons)

handle the task. Shipping a vehicle internationally is almost impossible without the assistance of a professional transporter. Their services are the most secure and reliable form of vehicle importation.

For a smoother shipping process, the automobile owner must be well-organized and willing to fulfill all requirements. Not only is it necessary to be up-to-date with Spain’s current auto import policy, but the shipping company will have a few preparation requests to assure the vehicle’s safety during its transport. The best way to stay on top of everything entailed is by creating a checklist.

  • At least two months before you need the vehicle to be en route to Spain, book a shipping date with a reputable overseas transport company. This allows plenty of time to fulfill the obligatory prerequisites.
  • Immediately after scheduling your shipping date, call the Embassy of Spain for the current import policies in regards to automobiles. Make sure to take notes.
  • After receiving information regarding the import policy, start fulfilling all that is required so that you can provide proof to Customs for their certification of approval.
  • A week or less before the scheduled transport, organize the vehicle according to the shipping company. The preparation process usually includes a thorough cleaning, a personal inspection for damage, a review of all fluid levels, and other simple tasks. When these tasks are completed properly, it adds to the safety of the vehicle and everyone involved during its international travels.
  • Depending on where you plan to reside in Spain and what method of vehicle shipping you chose, your vehicle may be shipped to a number of ports. Make sure you know of the correct port and are there on the day of its planned arrival. A port will not hold vehicles for any reason.

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The entire process of shipping, from beginning to end, will be guided by professionals seasoned in international auto transport. Their knowledge and ability to assure a safe transport will allow the experience of international shipping to be satisfying. Transporters will even help you fulfill inspections and gather documentation for Customs. They too, want to ensure that the vehicle is lawfully permitted into the country’s borders.

More Detailed Information about Spain’s Auto Import Policies

Even though a country is able to update and change their import policies as they see fit, Spain has remained relatively consistent with their regulations. There are certain things that you can safely assume will be involved with the country’s import policy. For instance, all international transports require a valid license, passport, vehicle title and registration, proof of paid tariffs, and other similar forms of documentation. Spain happens to prefer left-handed vehicles and requires that all automobiles undergo testing and certification before transport. This can be a lengthy task to complete especially if you must make an appointment for the recommended testing.

After the vehicle’s arrival into Spain, you will need to fill out an application form at the nearest traffic department. The vehicle will also need to be insured, certified and registered. A foreign vehicle owned by a non-resident of the country needn’t be registered for six months after its entry into the nation. For those in the country as residents, the vehicle must be registered and plated within 30 days of entry.

With the knowledge you just obtained about vehicle import in Spain, it’s probably clear to see that it is wisest to hire a qualified international transport company, especially one with verifiable experience and a positive reputation. Their secure shipping methods, knowledge of foreign policies, highly trained professionals, and ease of access to the right resources make the process of shipping a smooth and worry-free experience for everyone involved.

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