¿Borrador de la carta?

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Tours In Spain

tours in spain question by Alexa Cullen (Sωaиsёa): ¿Borrador de la carta?
Dear Robert:
1st of all tell you that this letter is on behalf of a community of fans of the Twilight saga.
His name is Swansea, and is positioned within the community of Yahoo Answers in Spanish.
Well, if you want virtual tours, you really should note that only enter:
Yahoo Answers-All Categories-Travel-United Kingdom-Swansea.
If you wonder that we are in this category, exactly due to the fact they begin with the surname of the protagonist of the saga.

We want you to know that we are fully satisfied with your performance in the film Twilight. It embodies the extremely essence of Edward Cullen.
Honestly not envision an additional actor playing the character.
Your gestures, your eyes have make us shudder.
Thank you to locate Edward Cullen who lay on you, due to the fact for us, as fans, is really essential.

You may assume “Uff other silly girls in love with Edward Cullen”
Well I will tell you that our group is produced up of members from all through the Americas and Spain. The age group is extremely diverse and broad.
To all of us together by passion and your Twilight Saga.

We admire your work on other productions, each in film and in television.
Your music we liked. We thank you for letting us enter a little into your soul. We hope to soon discover a CD with your name.

I very significantly hope you have a satisfied life and a vivid career ahead,
We enjoy you bye.

Bueno a si quedó… falta la firma.

Quisiera que alguien que de verdad sepa un buen ingles, me confirmara si esta bien. Tengo mis dudas sobra la parte en que le contamos que ha interpretado perfectamente a Edward Cullen.

Pero como ya saben no se nada de ingles, bueno, casi nada.

Besos, besos

tours in spain very best answer:

Answer by ♥eliianiitah♥ (QuiiL) *Sωaиsёa*
Ok .. tiene unos cuantos errores .. te importa si la corrijo?

deja la checo y edito si ..

Dear Robert:

First of all we want to tell you that this letter is on behalf of a fan´s community of the twilight saga.

Its name is Swansea, and is positioned in the neighborhood of Yahoo Answers in Spanish.

Properly, if your you want a virtual tour, you have to enter: Yahoo Answers – all categories – Trips – United Kingdom – Swansea.

If you wonder why we are in this category, it is since it begins with the surname of the protagonist of the saga.

We want you to know that we are entirely happy by your pefformance in the Twilight film. It embodies the essence of Edward Cullen.

Honestly we do not picture one more actor who plays the character much better than you. Your gestures, your eyes, It make us shake.

Thank you for interpret Eduard Cullen, due to the fact for us, as fans, it is quite essential. (no estoy segura de a que te refieres en esta frase .. la vdd no tiene nada de coherencia en ingles ..XD.. le puse lo que crei q decia ..)

You may well believe ” OMG!, they are just some silly girls who are in enjoy with Eduard Cullen” Nicely, actually our group is conformed by members of fairly America and Spain. The age category is really diverse and wide.

The passion for the Twilight Saga join us together.

We admire your work in an additional productions, each in the movie and in the television.

We like your music. We are grateful with you for give us permission to enter a small bit in your soul. We hope to uncover a CD with your name soon.

We hope that you have a prosperous content life and a brilliant profession ahead

We adore you. Bye.

siento la tardanza .. mi ordenador murio por un momento!!! .. por un momento crei q yo moriria .. jaja

si algo no les cuadra .. denlo a saber .. recuerden que queremos que quede perfecto ..

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