Who are the Top 5 Artists from Spain?

by admin on January 31, 2013

Salvador Dali

Spain is the home of so many artists, but only five of them earned the title of being great. These artists became distinct not just because of their works but because of the manner on how they approach a style of painting, how they embraced its essence to make it their own and how they convey their feelings and ideas clearly through the art works that they’ve done.

Salvador Dali was one of the top 5 artists from Spain. A native of northern Spain, Dali learned art in Madrid. He became famous as a surrealist painter; he makes paintings that express how the subconscious mind of man works. He produced out of the ordinary imagery and peculiar themes. He produced many paintings whose major theme is surrealism d and eventually had two museums exclusively dedicated to his work. His mastered style in art earned him the title of being an elite and famous figure between surrealists.

Not all painting that became famous must have the complexity of a dimensioned picture. This idea was made true by Joan Miro. One of the top 5 artist of Spain famously known as Miro was a former business worker that found his true calling in arts. Like most artist Miro enjoyed creating things of beauty aside from that he was very humble, hardworking and a silent man. He developed his own style of art by gathering ideas from surrealism. He was known for using the folk art style known as Catalan. It is a style that generally uses bright colors, simple lines and minor disfigured shapes to from an image. The work of Miro wasn’t only within the confines of 2-dimensional artworks.  During the 40s he applied his unique style in building sculptures and 3-dimensional artworks.

In the 20th century the name Pablo Picasso stands out. He was a gifted artist who was famed for many artworks. He became famous for the Period Style of painting. His period styles were divided into two the blue period that shows heavy emotions and the Rose period that depicts a light and positive mood. Aside from that he was also known as a cubist, who specializes in cubism art forms where he creates various works.

The works of Antoni Tapies, changed traditional the concept of art. He was known to be an abstract expressionist. He developed his painting ability through imitating a couple of artists. The art form abstract is something that doesn’t have any defined image on it. it is mainly composed of random images and colors that are being put together in a random manner to form a single picture.

But not all of the top 5 Spanish artists from Spain are from the distant past. In 1957 a Spanish artist in the name of Miquel Barcelo was born. Barcelo is a famous Spanish artist that is well known to as an abstract and realist artist. He uses a brush stroke technique that is strong and full of strong emotions.

Spain of Spain is a well known European country where emotions can be seen almost everywhere and in everything that they are doing. The elite set of artist gave Spain its international recognition in the ever demanding art world.

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