The Artist of the 20th Century: Who is Pablo Picasso?

by admin on February 12, 2013

Pablo Picasso

One of the greatest artists of Spain, Pablo Picasso, was born in Malaga in Spain in 1881. He had a natural gift in arts and further molded his inner skills when he studied at Barcelona School of Fine Arts. Before reaching the age of 20 he went to Paris France to further enriches himself of the artistic ideas of other nations that can be seen in that place together with his friend who unfortunately committed suicide because of depression.

The death of his friend influenced Picasso to make a series of paintings that show his sadness and longing for his friend. The period of 1900-04 became the Blue Period of Picassos works. This is when he produced many artworks that use various shades of blue to make a painting. Aside from the common color used, each of his Blue Period painting show images of his friend showing a sad mood. After several years Picasso fell in love with a woman in the name of Fernande. During that time the works of Picasso was starting to be recognized in different art exhibitions abroad. Aside from painting builds his interest in other art forms.  In the stage of being recognized he releases yet another set of paintings collectively called the Rose Period paintings. These paintings were made in using the shade of pink and happy sceneries

The transfer of Picasso to Paris gave him the chance to meet co-artists of his time which were Miro-Braques and Matisse. As years pass Picasso began to adapt the artistic style of his friends and eventually developed another style of painting known as Cubism.

Cubism as art style was new to the art world the use of shapes that are geometric to create a painting goes against the traditional ideas of painting. But even with the shock of using distorted images, cubism was still accepted in the form of his famous painting LesDemoiselles d’Avignon.

But when the times of the first war came most of Picassos close friends were called up. This forced Picasso to live in Rome where he work at a ballet institution and had a legitimate relationship with one of the ballerina. However years after their marriage Picasso had an affair with another women leaving ending his marriage.

Picasso developed an advance version of cubism called Sythetic Cubism. This new style of cubism uses different angled representation of an image in one painting. But after a few years Spain went into a crisis that resulted to a town bombing, the event triggered the emotions of Picasso motivated him to make the Guernica that was used to express his protest and disappointment about the event.

The later works of Picasso then used different forms of symbols such as a crying woman and a dying animal. During World War II Picasso became a prisoner of war and was freed after. During his freedom he resides in Southern France and bought a house for paintings where his works were further recognized and established an identity of who is Picasso.

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