How to Live Like an Artist in Spain

by admin on November 6, 2012

Antoni Gaudi live like an artist

Spanish history is littered with examples of influential artists such as Pablo Picasso, Francisco Goya and Pedro Cano. Indeed, Spain remains one of the artistic centers of Europe so those wishing to immerse themselves in artistic cultural often head to live in the country. In this article we will discuss what is meant by living as an artist and look in more detail at the art culture of Spain. 

Living Like an Artist 

Living like an artist is a broad term and one which is fairly subjective. Some may feel it means nothing less than devoting themselves body and soul to creating works of art. To them, art is not merely a hobby or even a means of earning of living, but a way of life – the ultimate in self-expression.

Others may consider the phrase more generally. They may enjoy creating art forms and appreciating art in general but are more inclined to view this as a leisure pursuit rather than a full time occupation. Of course, there are many who believe living like an artist actually means being a professional artist and selling their creations for profit. But no matter which category you might fall into, one thing’s for sure, if you wish to live like an artist in any sense, Spain certainly has a lot to offer. 

The Art Movement in Spain 

Throughout history, Spanish art has been influenced by other Western art movements especially during the Neoclassical period. Indeed, Picasso himself spent much of his life in France. However, Spain has always had its own characteristics which separate it from the rest of the Western art world. The influence of the Moors, for example, can be seen in medieval Spanish art. 

In the 15th century, Spain was heavily influenced by the French Renaissance, largely due to the strong religious and political links between the two countries. Spanish art then received a financial boost during the Golden Age of the early 17th century when Spain’s foray into the new world created riches for the government. Later, Francisco Goya’s work in the 18th century chronicled the royal family. His influence is still felt today with the Spanish film awards being named in his honour. 

Places to Visit in Spain 

Those looking for artistic inspiration in Spain have an abundance of places to visit. Madrid is world famous for its Golden Triangle which contains the Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza and Reina Sofia museums.

Barcelona is home to the masterful architecture of Antoni Gaudi as well as the impressive Barcelona Cathedral. It is also home to the museum of Spain’s most famous artist, Pablo Picasso. Andalusia is where the Moors settled so is full of art influenced by their presence. In short, there’s no denying the rich artistic culture that exists in modern day Spain. 

Still, in as much as the history of Spanish art is celebrated, but there is also an excitement about the art Spain is producing now. Indeed, the country has a strong modern art movement. Whether this is down to the landscape, the heritage or the feel of the country as a whole remains uncertain.

For all those hoping to live in a country with a diverse, vivid and stimulating art culture, Spain remains a number one choice.

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