Get To Know Famous Spanish Painters

by admin on January 23, 2013

Diego Velazquez

The art of painting has been around since the early days of mankind. Early humans use simple substances such as pigments and uses simple methods like etching. The oldest form of painting was discovered in a cave. The paintings show different animals that were hunted during that era. The panting became famous throughout the world. However the art of painting hasn’t diminished through time instead it continues to grow and continues to take on different forms. In which painters from civilized eras became famous for.

Spain is a well known European country that gives utmost value to their cultural roots and artistic treasures. Aside from its famed stoner infrastructures, catchy music and good food the country is also famous for the artist that lived in it that earned recognition not only from their countrymen but from artists abroad. Some of these famous Spanish Painters are the following.

The affectionate recognition of the art of painting in Spain started at 1577 when a native of Crete who moved and settled in the country. The man called El Greco was the very first man who was adapted by Spain that showed the true essence of Spanish painting. El Greco was famous for the emotions that he can portray in every painting that he does. He’s famous works one of which is The Burial of Count Orgaz was liturgically themed and can still be seen in the San Tome Church in the place of Toledo. The said painting earned him the title as one of the famous Spanish painters. After El Greco another painter became famous in Spain.

Diego Velazquez was a 17th century painter who was famous and most loved by his countrymen. He became famous by making still life themed paintings such as church portraits, and also mythological or tavern scenes. He was well known for his portrait of Las Meninas in 1656 which is portrait of the royal family. During the 18th century he was succeeded by a talented man who was known to express his original style in painting.

The artist named Francisco Goya was a well known European figure on visual arts. He was famed as a great portraitist of his century and was recognized for showing the horrific scenes of the occupation of the French Army headed by Napoleon Bonaparte to Spain.

The 19th century became the time when impressionism was well recognized. The Spanish painter Joaquin Sorolla was known as a novice master. He was also an impressionist who uses powerful brush strokes and bright colors to portray the seaside sceneries of his native Valencia.

Even with the recognition that these brilliant Spanish painters earned, no one of them comes close to Pablo Picasso. A native of Spain he resided most of his life in France where he improved his skills by painting Spanish scenes from his mind. One of which is the famous painting about the civil war bombing of Basque town entitled Guernica.

Spanish artist were well known to express full feelings in their paintings making them as one of the countries that produced famous Spanish painters that made names for themselves in the whole world.

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