Top 10 Paintings of Spain

by admin on February 9, 2013

The persistence of memory

Spain of Spain is an art loving nation. They treated everything that they are doing as art and put pride and joy on making their forms of arts. Since the birth of painting in Spain, several personalities achieved fame by creating master pieces that later became the emblem of their greatness.

Here is a list of the top ten painting from Spain that earned its well deserved recognition not only from the country but also from the world.

  • The Persistence of Memory-   it is a surrealist painting made by Salvador Dali that is very recognized around the world.  It is separated from other because of the almost photographical quality of image that can be seen in the painting.
  • Obra de Joan Miro- this painting is the work of Joan Miro. The artwork show the complex combination the Miro used to make a cold image in which the colors that he used had been radiated by toping it with a random blot of black paint.
  • Ballerina- another painting by Joan Miro, He uses simple geographical elements to portray a plain and surreal representation of a ballerina and her movements.
  • Adoration of the Shepherds- a painting by El Greco, this is a liturgical themed painting that uses realism elements on it. The defined details of the separate images show an exact representation of its real life counterparts.
  • Person at the Window- it is a painting made by Salvador Dali. Unlike his other works this painting has a blunt image on it without any elements of surrealism.  It simply shows a girl standing against the window and looking at the seascape that is believed to represent the place where Dali grew up.
  • Cinquenta, Tigre Real- this is another work of Dali that uses the elements of surrealism, cubism and realism. He uses surrealism to distort the image of the tiger and uses cubism to create the texture and then used the details of realism to portray the image of the tiger.
  • Rose Meditative- another artwork of Dali, it plainly shows a bloomed realistic rosebud that is floating in mid air in front of a blue sky and a sandy landscape.
  • Patient Lovers- by Salvador Dali, it is a surreal painting that uses different objects that are distant from each other that if looked at collectively shows the face of a man and a women with different emotions.
  • Bull with Bull Fighter- is a painting by Picasso that uses simple blunt representation of a shadow of a bull fight scenario shown in a poster like format.
  • Etude Pour Yuri Gagarin- this is a work by Picasso that combines two images to form a single image that can looked in different ways. This shows pure simplicity of the method used and to show the message of the artwork.

Out of the dozens of great Spanish artists and out of hundreds of their greatest work there are only ten from these that earned international fame. These distinct set of artistic works earned their recognition not just because of the high reputation of the person who made them but its unique characteristics that separates it from other artworks that maybe made by the same artists or other great artist from Spain.

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