Spanish Art History

by admin on February 6, 2013

El Greco

The contemporary Spain is now a haven of different art forms. It is also the birth place of various art personalities that became famous worldwide because of their different approach in art and the unique styles that convey. However the Spanish artistry that we seen today were just the product of the different ideologies that Spanish artist in the past lived on.

The Spanish art history started when a man from Crete in the name of El Greco move to Toledo Spain from Italy in 1567. He was a talented and hardworking man. He was known to be a very good religious picture painter. He can put strong emotions to his works giving it the looker a slight shift in his feelings towards the painting. Today his works can be seen although out religious institutions in Spain.

After the century of El Greco’s reign in the Spanish art world, a painter named Diego Velazquez stole the spot light. This famous realism painter became known because of his masterpiece “Las Meninas” which is a portrait of the Spanish Royal family during the 17th century. The beautiful works of Velazquez earned him the title of being the greatest of all the Spanish painters in history. In the 18th century, the works of the known isolated genius Francisco Goya became the trend. Also a well known portraitist Goya became famous for his work that immortalized the French Spanish War through etching. The fame from art shifts very fast, and in the 19th century another artist was recognized. Joaquin Sorolla was a famed artist of the said century. He became famous for being an impressionist. His style showed a wide variety of bright colors by painting them in a forceful manner. His unique talent on showing the different light effects on his work added to his greatness. After Sorolla came the century that was named the modern era of art.

The name Pablo Picasso was known all throughout. Being known as a prolific artist Picasso left Spain and settled in France. But despite of the country that he is in he is still making paintings that depict the different culture of Spain and important events in the Spanish History such as the Spanish Civil War bombing of Basque. But Picasso did not earn the spot light of being the greatest artist of his century. Another modern Spanish painter made a name for himself during the 20th century. Joan Miro was a modern Spanish artist that is well known from his artworks that shows child like surrealist images with the use of crooked line and shapes. He is also known to use not only because of such simple drawing techniques but the use of bright colors. Together with Picasso and Miro an artist in the name of Salvador Dali entered the Spanish art scene. A versatile artist capable of not just painting he created many surrealist paintings that has some realistic elements to the images that earned him great recognition.

Spain art history served as the basis of the modern concept of art in Spain. The contributions of these artists paved the way for modern artists such as Miquel Barcelo to emerge and continue the Spanish brand of artistic works.

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