Famous Works of Art from Spain

by admin on February 3, 2013

The Adoration of the Magi

Europe is the only continent in the western world that homed most of the artistic countries in the world. Spain was one of those countries.

Spain of Spain has a long history that molded its culture. Their high passion for everything that they do and their emphasis on the expression of emotions separates them from other European countries. This is what best describes the Spanish people.

With all the wonders that you can find in Spain there is one thing that can be considered as its pride. The famous works of art from Spain is the fruit of labor of some of the great artist that lived or had been born in the country.

Famous works of art came from great artist.  There are many famous works of art in the country and all of them are made by famous artist. The works of Salvador Dali were well known and valued by the art world today he has made countless piece that shows surrealism. He was a natural artist and created his very first work when he was just six years old. Some of the renowned paintings of Dali are the following;

  • Honey is Sweeter than Blood– it is a surrealist painting that shows the unique style of combining realistic images and transforming them into an imaginary version that is out of this world and can only be seen through the imagination of the unconscious mind.
  • Persistence Of Memory- is the product of his own individualistic style that allows him to produce photo realistic images by adding depth and dimension to the paintings.

Aside from the Works of Dali other great artists also made famous works of art from Spain. Diego Velazquez produce some of paintings that not only became famous in Spain but around the world as well. His paintings include the following;

  • The Adoration of the Magi/ Christ and the Pilgrims of Emmaus- liturgical paintings that made his first mark as a realist painter.
  • Las Meninas- his famous portrait about the royal family. This particular painting didn’t only become famous in Spain but earned itself as one of the top international artworks in the world.

With the different art styles that Spanish artists apply, Pablo Picasso became one who stands out from the group .Picasso was a world famous Spanish painter and some of his works that became famous were the following;

  • Rose period- these was a set of paintings that shows different shades of pink and red.
  • Blue period- these are the paintings that uses different shades of blue to create texture and dimension in the images.
  • Guernica- this was the painting of Picasso that earned its way of becoming a world famous painting. This work of art shows Picassos cubism style of painting.

Everything in Spain can be lustful yet romantic. The wonderful food that they serve that can caress even the smallest of your taste buds. Their romantic music that will start your soul on fire and make you feels all of your emotions at once. And finally the famous works of art that made the culture of the country great.

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