The Art of Alcudia

by admin on November 21, 2013

credits Miguel Gonzalez

credits Miguel Gonzalez

The Alcudia region on the northern coast of Majorca is the perfect getaway for travellers looking to dodge the typical tourist scene of crowded beaches and abundant nightclubs. Just 36 miles from the island’s main airport in Palma, Alcudia holidays offer rich cultural, historical and recreational activities for all types of visitors.


Alcudia has changed hands several times since its first inhabitants settled in the region in 1300 B.C. With a range of occupiers from Romans to Byzantines to Christians, each group left a distinct and lasting impression as well as some magnificent archaeological and cultural sites to explore. The original settlement in Alcudia is called Pollentia and is home to some impressively excavated Roman ruins. Tours of the ruins lead visitors through the gymnasium, theatre, necropolis and private homes of the ancient settlement. Further information is available to visitors in the Pollentia Monographic Museum which makes for an interesting and informative day trip.


The culture of the Alcudia region is rich and dynamic. Expressions of this long and storied culture come in many forms but the region’s art and music are particularly impressive. Over the years many well-respected and well-known Spanish artists have studied and spent time in the Alcudia region. Artists from Juan Miro to Ben Jakober have taken inspiration from this magnificent landscape and created impressive works of art. The Fundacion Yannick y Ben Jackober is an Alcudian institution aimed at preserving and developing Spanish art in a range of forms and is a fantastic cultural excursion in the area.

credits Cristian Bortes

credits Cristian Bortes


Miles away from your typical resort holiday recreation activities, Alcudia offers tourists a taste of something truly authentic. Bulls have been an important part of Spanish culture since before Roman times. The Alcudia region boasts world-class bullfighting in an incredible, historical setting. The Renaissance construction known as the Bastión of Sant Ferran is a defensive wall around the city and is home to bullfights and other events held each summer during July and August. For an unforgettable Spanish holiday, a bullfight is a must.

Upcoming Events

Alcudia is not exclusively a summer destination. Christmas in the region is celebrated in spectacular Spanish fashion and a wonderful place for visitors to spend the holidays. There are a number of concerts around Christmas time as well as Nativity scene contests and other religious festivals.The new year is also a great time to visit as it commemorates the island’s conquest but Jaume I. To celebrate, locals eat twelve grapes at midnight by the town hall; each grape symbolising a wish for every month of the upcoming year. Once the grapes have been consumed the new year kicks off with kisses, hugs, cava and a live concert in the centre of town.

The holiday season can be a stressful time in spite of its jolly nature. This year, consider treating yourself or your loved ones to a well-deserved trip to Alcudia. From the Roman ruins to the Medieval city walls, this stunning and historical destination has something for everyone. Whether you choose to spend your holidays there or plan a well-timed February break, the warm sun and stunning scenery are the perfect antidote to mid-winter blues.

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