Winter Festivals in Barcelona

by admin on November 20, 2013

credits Bert Kaufmann

credits Bert Kaufmann

Barcelona is one of the world’s most fantastic cities. Perfect for a weekend city break or a weeklong getaway, the city’s lively culture and busy calendar of events mean that visitors are sure to be entertained year-round. For weekend breaks to Barcelona this winter, consider timing your visit with some of the following cultural events to ensure the perfect holiday.


Running from the 13th of December through the 5th of January, Drap-Art is an international recycling festival taking place at the CCCB market and FAD exhibition space. The festivities include multi-media programming with concerts, performances and workshops intended to engage and inspire visitors.

Fira de Santa Llúcia

Running from late November to late December, this traditional Christmas fair dates back to 1786. Now boasting over 300 stalls selling all types of handcrafted items, it is the ideal destination for pre-holiday shopping. Wander through the stalls of christmas decorations, one-of-a kind gifts, mistletoe and even Christmas trees. This is the perfect place to pick up some thoughtful and hand-crafted gifts for friends and family back home.

Festas dels Tres Tombs

On January 17th, Spain celebrates St Anthony’s day. The festivities include music, and gegants in which a massive (and symbolic) fire-breathing pig makes an appearance. The fire-breathing pig is believed to be the form the devil took when tempting St. Anthony (the patron Saint of Animals). It is also common on this day to bring pets to church to be blessed. After services, horsemen ride three circuits or tres tombs in a formal procession through the city. It is a sight to behold and a fantastic excuse to visit this vibrant and quirky city.

Sa Pobla a Gràcia

As St Anthony is one of the world’s most venerated saints, the citizens of Barcelona have taken to celebrating him twice. The second wave of celebration typically takes place around the 29-30th of January and is an import from the Balearic island of Majorca. This two day festival includes street bonfires, parades of dragons and giants as well as candlelit singing in the Plaça del Diamant. While it may not be as lively as the first celebration, this imported saint’s day makes for a lovely weekend getaway to a world-class city.

Santa Eulàlia

Held during the week of February 12th, this is Barcelona’s blowout winter festival. The event honours Santa Eulàlia (Laia) who was tortured and later murdered by the Romans. Laia is Bacelona’s co-patron saint and extremely popular among children. February 12th marks her feast day which begins with a ceremony, followed by music and parades throughout the city. Children’s choirs perform in churches and cathedrals during the day and in the evening, people gather to throw flowers on the Maixada de Santa Eulàlia before partying into the wee hours. The crypt where Laia is buried is open to the public during this week as well as 30 other museums. It’s a lively week in Barcelona and a beautiful festival.

credits Moyan Brenn

credits Moyan Brenn

Travellers have many choices for winter holidays but Barcelona is a truly incredible destination. Boasting stunning architecture, a vibrant culture and a host of festivals in the upcoming months, a weekend city-break in Barcelona is the perfect way to break up the bleak weeks of winter.

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