The Mexican Art: Diego Rivera Paintings

by admin on February 21, 2013

Diego Rivera

In Mexico, a man named Diego Rivera left a significant mark in the Mexican art world in 1921. He developed his painting skills by studying in Europe for 14 years from 1907-1921. In 1921 he came back to Mexico and headed the revival movement of the countries art of painting murals. Upon his return he made works of art that shows the rich history of Mexico and the problems that its society is experiencing. Because of his work he was given the title as the artist of the society and for the society.

His ideology on how art can be used to raise public awareness about the social issues that are found in the Mexican society. He was later on married to a famous Mexican social realist mural painter. She was famous for her work on revolutionary themes. The couple both has their interests set on showing the daily problems that are encountered by people in the society. Aside from showing the societal problems it also shows the oppression experienced by the people that were being overlooked by those belonging in other classes of society. He became a political advocate of violated citizens on the country.

Rivera didn’t only used painting to express his ideologies. Aside from painting he also uses oil painting as another material of making his art works. However he did not focus on using murals. He also used portraits to make his comments and other personal reactions.

Some of Rivera’s famous artworks are the following;

  • Agrarian Leader Zapata
  • Energy, study for the main wall of the Mural Allegory of California Pacific
  • Flower Festival; Feat of Santa Anita
  • Portrait of a Young Man

These examples of artworks serve as a picture of what are the daily routines of the poor Mexican people are. Aside from the daily routine it also shows the different images that show that even with the hard work that was given by the Mexican people there would still be some who will be part of those living in poverty. Aside from these depictions he also shows how the poverty can be inherited by the children making their lives hard and miserable.

Basically Rivera was an early communist in the country of Mexico. But instead of using force he used his talent and artworks to convey his message of communism or equality. His solid belief that communism is the best way to rescue the oppressed from the hardships of everyday life. And he was hoping that time that if communism was accepted and embraced by the whole country there will be no more societal inequality and poverty will be lifted from the list of social problems.

The different political philosophies and modern ideologies of Rivera won the hearts of the Mexican public. His fight I behalf of the oppressed earned the respect of early human rights advocates before him by making use of a peaceful way to show those who are on top that there are still people who is in need of their help.  Aside from being a painter Diego Rivera also mastered his craft in sculpting, making prints and making illustrations from books. His works are being displayed in museums worldwide. 

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