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Some cool culture of spain images:

culture of spain
Image by DavidProto
Demonstrators wearing Guy Fox masks protest against Spain’s Culture Minister Angeles Gonzalez Sinde and a new legislation, but to be passed, which would give the government the power to close down internet pages containing links to copyrighted content such as films and music, in front of the Spanish Culture Ministry in Madrid February 13, 2011. The sign reads &quotSinde Resign&quot. REUTERS/Sergio Perez (SPAIN – Tags: MEDIA CIVIL UNREST POLITICS)

culture of spain
Image by archer10 (Dennis)
Toledo is a planet heritage web site. It is a medieval city of narrow winding streets that sits on a little hill and the river Tajo on 3 sides. From earliest occasions it had magnificent fortified defences, the Tajo River as a all-natural moat, and a wall built by the Romans, Visigoths, and Moors. Toledo, Spain

No other city can compare to Toledo in culture, artistic and historic richness. The fame of the ancient capital of Spain spread abroad producing the city critical in the universal art. Here the three ethnic groups Arabs, Jews and Christians worked with each other in consensus, coexisted peacefully, each and every contributing to the wealthy diversity of Toledo. In 1561 Felipe II moved the capital of Spain to Madrid.

Toledo – Spain
culture of spain
Image by Librarygroover
Toledo is exciting due to the fact of the confluence of Moorish, Christian and Jewish Cultures. &quotHoly Toledo&quot was a power center of the Catholic church and right now the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Internet site.

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